5 Ways to Wear: Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Wear: Valentine’s Day

Here are 5 of my favourite Valentine's Day outfits either for a date or a night out with your single friends!

5 Ways to Wear: Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, whether you’re taken or single, these outfits should inspire you!

Ok, let’s be honest, no matter what your relationship status Valentines Day sucks, right? I mean, if you’re single you find yourself alone on Valentine’s without a single card apart from the annual pity one from your mum, and you feel that the world is suddenly in a relationship. If you’re in a relationship, then you wish you could take advantage of the amazing nightlife on Valentine’s Day along with all your single friends rather than having to go to a restaurant with all the other couples.

The inner romantic in us hopes that this will be the year we are absolutely blown off our feet by a Disney-scale of romantic gestures. As a singleton, I am of course shouting to anyone who will listen about my dislike of the day whilst secretly hoping my crush suddenly realises that I am literally better than sliced bread, and whisks me off on some disgustingly sickly date. Either way, whether we are going out with our dates or going out to find one, we need a banging outfit right?

Here’s my Valentine’s special of my 5 ways to wear series. Let me know which outfit you prefer!

Dress: Pretty Little Thing 

Nude heels: these are old ones from Kurt Geiger, but you can get similar here

Click on any of the images below for more details and options:

Outfit 2:

Blazer: Pretty Little Thing

Jeans: Revolve

Cami Top: Asos

Pink bag: Aspinal

Choker: New Look

Outfit 3:

Dress: Silkfred

Shoes: Misguided

Outfit 4:

Dress: New Look

Bra: River Island

Shoes: Missguided

Outfit 5:

Dress: AX Paris

Bag: Aspinal

Heels: Dune

So there are my outfit suggestions, what do you think? I shot a couple of edgier looks for the day time, so if you want to see them then leave a comment.

I also really want to know what you are doing for Valentine’s Day, so leave a comment in the comments section and the best comment is going to win an amazing Valentine’s related prize, which I will announce next week 🙂

I hope you found this post useful, and I’ll speak to you soon. x

Ashley James

Ashley James

26 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear: Valentine’s Day

  1. Outfit #1 is beautiful, Love the colour and the style! Pretty naughty style LOVE IT! p.s you look so beautiful in it 🙂

  2. I am absolutely in love with outfit 4. It’s so vintage and you could wear so many types of shoes to style it up with. I’m definitely going to go ahead and buy this. Sooooo…….. This valentines I actually travelled down to Wales to go on the massive zip wire but unfortunately we got there and it was snowing so there was no luck. However we did go in some tea & coffee shops ad had a lovely trip down, now I’m currently in bed watching ‘The edge of 17’ with a hot chocolate and whipped cream. On Thursday I’m going ice skating; such a busy week! I’ve never actually smelt the Daisy perfume but I’m sure it smells beautiful, i’d love to win! Hope you had a great valentines Ashley, your in great shape and look fabulous! ❤️Xxx

    1. Mia, it sounds like you had the best Valentine’s Day! I’d love to send you some perfume – send me your address on twitter 🙂 xx

  3. Hi Ashely, I’m absolutely in love with outfit 4, it’s very simple but vintage, I love it! I’m going to do some serious online shopping tonight! For valentines I travelled down to Wales to do the long zip wire however because of the weather condition we couldn’t do it but we had a lovely day and went to some cute coffee and tea shops. I’m currently sat in bed watching ‘The edge of 17’ and drinking my hot chocolate. Tomorrow I’m going ice skating; such a busy week ahead. I hope you had a wonderful valentines you looked absolutely stunning as ever, you body is in such good shape, oh my lord! I’d love to win the perfume as I’ve never actually smelt it but the bottles look smashing! Have a

  4. Wow, all of the outfits have such different feels yet all are completely sexy in certain ways. Personally drawn to outfits 3 and 4, I love the contrast between the two. The sheer black top with embroidered roses is cute but still edgy, Love the slit in the silky dress also!! Happy belated Valentines!!

    1. Happy belated Valentine’s to you too lovely. And yes, I like to mix up the outfits a little, that Silkfred dress is one of my favourites. x

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