A sensational strawberry summer sunshine cocktail!

A sensational strawberry summer sunshine cocktail!

A sensational strawberry summer sunshine cocktail!

They say that change in work, relationship status, and your home are the three most stressful things to go through in life, and in the last couple of weeks I have encountered two of the three. However, luckily for me, the stress was all worth it because I have moved into a new flat with my best friend Charlotte de Carle and new best friend Huw Joseph, and we have a garden! If you’re reading this from the countryside you might not appreciate just how exciting this is, but it’s my first London garden and honestly I’ve never been happier! Plus it’s still summer and I’m optimistic we have lots more sunshine to enjoy from the garden!

Charlotte and I have invited loads of our girlfriends round for a BBQ this weekend to celebrate friendship and new beginnings (and to show off our new house and garden, obviously!), so I decided to test out a few cocktail ideas in preparation. One thing I’ve been loving recently, are all the flavoured Lambrini drinks – honestly, they are so good and I didn’t even realise they existed! They come in a whole range of flavours including Passionfruit, Peach, and Cherry, but my favourite has to be the Strawberry one.

I therefore decided to try create a cocktail and I want it to look as great as it tastes, and guys, I invented something that tastes so great that I just had to share it for you so you can enjoy it with your girlfriends too.

I took inspiration from the classic Mojito and created what I like to call the sensational strawberry sunshine cocktail – why so many S’s? Because it’s SSSSSSSSSSSSO good! 🙂 The ingredients are so simple too but it tastes so fresh. I took a glass, added a small shot of Vodka and a dash of Soda Water, then I alternated a layer of fresh mint and chopped strawberries with ice, before filling the glass with Lambrini’s So Strawberry. For finishing touches I squeezed in some fresh lime and popped a strawberry on the rim of the glass. And that’s it! So simple. So sensational.

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Lambrini So Strawberry 


Soda Water

Mint Leaves 



I can’t wait to show off my cocktail skills this weekend. Let me know if you end up trying it for yourself and what you thought? Maybe you’ll improve my cocktail – if you do make sure you leave a comment on the post and tell me what you did differently so I can switch it up before I take it to the girls.

FullSizeRender 6-minWhatever you end up doing this weekend, I hope you celebrate it with your girlfriends! Lambrini have created the best virtual event called the Big Chill that encourages us all to get together with friends and enjoy good company, tunes and drinks, so whatever you end up doing get involved with #BriniBigChill so we can all share our experiences! Check out the Big Chill fun on Lambrini’s Facebook page for more information.

Speak to you very soon,

with love from ashley black

This post is a collaborative post with Lambrini to promote their Big Chill events but, as always, everything written in this post was honest and heart felt!

Ashley James

Ashley James

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