Marbella: the Launch of Playa Padre

Marbella: the Launch of Playa Padre

My short trip to Marbella to DJ at the launch of Playa Padre. You can also shop my whole holiday look book!

Marbella: the Launch of Playa Padre

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

I recently got back from a few days working out in Marbella for the opening of the Playa Padre. I’ve never been to Marbella until about a year ago (I went for the Global Gift Gala), and to be honest I’d never considered it as a potential holiday destination, but now I love it! It has a reputation for being quite the crazy party place, but it’s actually a really beautiful place and I had such an amazing few days.

Swimsuit: Missguided

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Playa Padre

Charlotte and I were invited out to DJ at the launch of Playa Padre, a new concept of Beach & Party, located in one of the most beautiful beaches in Marbella. The place is incredible, there’s a really nice relaxed vibe with beautiful furniture and good music. When we were there, there was a really nice crowd from families, to hen parties, to people chilling out. I’d say it’s less crazy and more of a mixed crowd than some of the other beach party places, plus the food is incredible!

We had such an incredible set in the sunshine and it sounds so silly, but people were coming up to us after our set to ask us to go back on. It was such an amazing feeling, and we were so proud to DJ there. And also, I got to meet Pamela Anderson at the launch, which is probably the most exciting thing that’s ever happened!

If you’re ever in Marbella, I really recommend you check it out.

Shoes: River Island

Belt:  Gucci

Golden Tarts

One of my favourite discoveries of the trip was the hair and makeup salon Golden Tarts, which is located just off the main square. We got our hair and makeup done two days in a row to go to the Playa Padre, and I was so incredibly happy with my looks each time, and I’m hard to please!

The team who work there are so friendly, and they give you lots of drink and crisps as you get pampered.

If you find yourself out there wanting hair and makeup then these guys will honestly make you feel amazing, you can check them out here.

Belt: Gucci

Sliders: River Island

La Quinta Golf & Country Club

We stayed in the most beautiful hotel ever, about 15 minutes away from Puerto Banus, which is the lively port where there are lots of nice bars and shops. It’s completely secluded, incredibly beautiful (and instagram-friendly of course!), and there are three different swimming pools. I’m not into golf, but it goes without saying there’s an amazing golf course there.

I felt so relaxed and chilled in this hotel, and our bedroom was huge! Plus, they do an incredible breakfast buffet, including fresh green juices. Breakfast is my favourite thing about staying in hotels, so I rate it so highly that it was good!

Bikini:  Forever 21

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Two Piece: Pretty Little Thing

Espadrilles: Asos

Bikini: Asos

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Top: Asos

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Bikini: Asos

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Mosh Restaurant

Another place worth mentioning is a restaurant we visited on our final evening called Mosh. The place is really picturesque and beautiful and we had to go up some big windy steps to get up to the building, and then we got to eat outside in the open air. Let’s be honest, that is always so exciting as a Brit abroad!

Sushi is one of my favourite cuisines, and their sushi dishes are absolutely incredible and also really well presented. Charlotte hates fish but she found lots of non-fish options and she loved it there too.

It’s quite a smart place, so it would be a nice place to go for a special occasion, but I highly recommend it!


Finally, the shopping is incredible out there, I wouldn’t normally go shopping abroad, but my suitcase was stolen so I had to spend lots of time wandering through the shops. There’s a huge department store called Il Corte Ingles, which has lots of designer brands, and opposite is a place with a Zara and Bershka, I found a really cute black playsuit in Bershka that I ended up wearing to the opening night of Playa Padre.

On the actual port, there are lines and lines of designer stores: YSL, Gucci, you name it, it’s there! We walked and walked for ages window shopping on the left and looking at all the huge yachts anchored up on the right. So if you do enjoy shopping, then Marbella is definitely your place to do it!

Playsuit: Asos

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Jacket: Asos

Top: Egalitee

Belt: Gucci

I hope you find this little guide interesting and useful. Like I said, I’m still very new to Marbella but I am already going back in a couple of weeks. Have you been to Marbella before? What’s your favourite things to do there? Let me know so I can try different places next time.

Speak to you soon, x

Ashley James

Ashley James

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  1. Hi Ashley, my sister and I are looking to book a long weekend away together & are so torn between Ibiza & Marbella…We are both stressed out mum’s to young children & unappreciative husbands! We both want to let loose, but don’t really want to be surrounded by teens & young jerks! This weekend is a once in a lifetime for us, what would you suggest?! X

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