How to improve your skin: Lucia Magnani skincare

How to improve your skin: Lucia Magnani skincare

How Lucia Magnani Skincare has transformed my skin, and 5 tips to achieve perfect skin

How to improve your skin: Lucia Magnani skincare

Recently, a lot of people have been commenting on my skin and how I keep it looking so good, and it is all down to a new skincare brand discovery, Lucia Magnani. I discovered her products after I was invited to her launch in Harvey Nichols about two months ago, and I have been using her products ever since, and whilst they have an incredibly hefty price tag, they have genuinely transformed my skin.

You may remember that a couple of years ago I suffered from adult acne, and whilst my skin had cleared up before discovering Lucia Magnani’s skincare range, it was incredibly dry in places and it looked tired and unhealthy. I know more than anyone how skin can make such a huge difference to our self-confidence, and I’ve also been in that vicious cycle of wearing so much makeup knowing it’ll make your skin worse, but you wear more makeup because your skin is worse.

One week after discovering and using Lucia Magnani’s skincare range twice a day, this is how clear my skin looked with no makeup, and it’s looked like that ever since. As a result my confidence is at an all time high, I am wearing less makeup, and I am getting lots of compliments on my skin. I hope this doesn’t come across as LOOK AT ME AND MY PERFECT SKIN, but it’s been a struggle to get to this stage.


Ashley James SkincareI have been using a Paul & Joe facewash both day and night, Elemis makeup remover whenever it’s needed, and then the Lucia Magnani toner, serum, and day and night cream respectively.

Now, I am under no illusion that these products are expensive, I honestly feel so lucky to have been given them to try and am dreading them running out (although I have had them for nearly two months and they are still not halfway down and I wasn’t being very sparing at the beginning). A little product can go a long way.

I wanted to share this post because they genuinely have made an incredible difference to my skin and I think the quality of the product speaks for itself. I was lucky enough to speak to Lucia on the day of the launch, and her secret is combining science with nature. If you are in a position to be able to invest in these products, I cannot describe how much it has transformed my skin. There is also a gift box for sale, which not only brings the price down somewhat, but it also comes with a face mask and eye serum.

If you are reading this post thinking how the hell will I ever get good skin without a massive bank balance, fear not, I managed to get rid of my adult acne before I discovered these products. Here are 5 affordable tips and product alternatives for you to try that worked for me:

Drink lots of water

I try to drink as much water as I possibly can, and I cannot stress how much of a difference this can make to your skin as it keeps it balanced and hydrated and helps to flush out any toxins. Personally, I find if I buy a litre bottle of water I can monitor and put pressure on myself to try and get through it. I know you aren’t meant to refill plastic bottles, but I try to fill it up a few times before I replace it.

Eat your greens

You can drink all the water and buy all the expensive products you like, but if your diet sucks, your skin isn’t going to improve. At the moment, I eat chocolate and biscuits, but when my skin was bad I would avoid them like the plague, even now, when I do eat them or drink alcohol, my skin will be a little more dull the next day. Anything green is the best possible thing for your skin – I’m talking broccoli, courgettes, kale, avocado. Try to avoid too much sugar – even the natural kind.

Never sleep in your makeup

I’m sure this is nothing ground-breaking to hear but I can’t stress it enough. Not only are you sleeping in dirt, you aren’t washing your pores with any antibacterial fluid, and you aren’t applying all the toner and moisturiser to help your skin regenerate.

Wash your pillows regularly

Remember that spots and breakouts are essentially bacteria, so make sure you are regularly changing your pillows. My sister works in a laser clinic (so she treats acne with lasers, which is obviously an option too), and she told me that silk pillows hold less dirt than regular ones. Apparently they are better for your skin and hair too as they are softer on your skin so stop you getting sleep related wrinkles so it’s a win win.

Run or break a sweat

Breaking a sweat is obviously opening your pores which is externally flushing things out. My skin always feels clearer and looks more glowy whenever I go for a run. If you aren’t feeling too much exercise, then I suppose a sauna would have a similar effect.

Alternative products

In terms of more affordable products that work, my sister swears by image skin care, which you can find in many clinics, and you can also buy Retriderm 1% Retinol, which is an amazing product to apply to spots. Only apply it to the target area though as it can dry your skin out, but I swear by this product and put it on over the top of my night cream over night.

I hope this post is helpful to you, and if you have any questions at all about skincare, then feel free to contact me, either in the comments below, or on Instagram or twitter if you want to be more private. If you end up investing in Lucia Magnani skincare off the back of this post, then please let me know how you find it!

Speak to you soon, x

Ashley James

Ashley James

One thought on “How to improve your skin: Lucia Magnani skincare

  1. Your skin looks Fab! Jesus Christ you are not kidding about them being expensive thought! ha!
    I am a huge fan of Elemis however being a beauty blogger I try all different brands! but I seem to always revert back to Elemis! (& Kiehls Midnight Recovery concentrate)
    Leanne |

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