Croatia: Exploring Split

I recently spent a couple of days in Split, a coastal town in Croatia. Read about my experiences and recommendations here

Croatia: Exploring Split

Having just returned from Croatia for the second work trip of the summer, I realised I never actually wrote about my time in Split. I was only in Split for a couple of days, so am by no means an expert, I really enjoyed it and found a couple of great restaurants.

Split is located roughly half way down the coast of Croatia, and is the port town that leads to the popular island of Hvar, so it is often a place people visit on the way to there or Dubrovnik. If I’m completely honest, I actually visited Split a few years ago and I hated it and thought it was so boring, but either I’ve gotten older or the town’s got more entertaining because this time around I loved it! Despite the number of tourists, it still feels very authentic.

We spent time there after Fresh Island festival, so it was the perfect place to go to recuperate. The town itself is so beautiful. We really enjoyed wandering through the ancient ruins and seeing the city walls and phenomenal sites. If you see my 5 ways to wear holiday post, we shot that all around the town.

My favourite thing had to be sitting outside in the main square at night as I got drunk on Croatian wine and had long heart-to-hearts with my friends Charlotte and Steph. There were people of all ages sat on the steps all around us, which made for an amazing atmosphere.

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There is a beach you can travel to, although like most of Croatia’s coastline, it is made up of stone. It does tend to get quite packed though, but the sea is a beautiful shade of turquoise.

Aside from the square and the sites, the food is absolutely phenomenal and I found two incredible places I had to recommend.

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We had a running joke on our trip that Steph would always find the most expensive restaurant for us to eat at, and our stop-off in Split did not disappoint as I think she found DVOR before we even checked in to our apartment.

DVOR is about a 7 minute uber from the old town (yes, I said uber!), and is the most beautiful outdoor restaurant that looks over the sea. Despite being slightly pricier than some of the other places, the location and quality of the food were incredible. The food was so incredible, in fact, that we actually went back twice, and had a lovely time sipping the palest of rosé in the sun. Speaking of a pale rosé, the Whispering Angel was our holiday favourite. I had the seafood risotto and I am honestly still dreaming (salivating) about it now.


As we were walking along the harbour around the old town in Split, we saw the most beautiful looking balcony and decided to pick it as our sunset-watching spot. The balcony ended up belonging to a restaurant called Zoi, which had just opened a couple of weeks before we were there.

Not one to break tradition, it was relatively expensive (cheers Steph), but again incredible. We had the perfect spot to watch sunset, drink rosé (ok, maybe we are old), and eat the most delicious food. Steph and I made the mistake of picking the fish we wanted to eat and turns out they cook the entire thing (who knew?), so we massively over-ordered, but that said, it was one of the best fishes I’ve ever eaten! Charlotte is seafood-hater and found lots on the menu too. I’d really recommend heading to that place for the best sunset views though, even if you just have a drink. Especially if you’re looking for a romantic setting.

And there you have my very brief Split recommendations. If you do go to the places I’ve suggested I’d love to know what you thought.

Speak to you soon,

Ashley x

Ashley James

Ashley James

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