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5 ways to wear: Sportswear

If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you'll know that I've become obsessed with exercise over the last couple of months, and that has also lead to a sportswear obsession. When I started out doing Kobox everyday, I decided

5 ways to wear: City Break

One of my favourite things about living in Europe, is how easy it is to escape to a different city for a few days. I thought given that it's a bank holiday, I would focus this week's 5 ways to

5 ways to wear: Holiday Style

One of my favourite things about going abroad is getting to shop for a holiday wardrobe, well, apart from the guaranteed sunshine of course! As a Brit, usually I have to be prepared for all the seasons in one day

5 ways to wear: Beachwear

One of the questions you guys ask me about regularly, is where to find good swimwear when you have big boobs. Therefore I decided to take advantage of my recent trip to Croatia, and focus this weeks 5 ways to

How to get the look: Festival Make Up

Skin Preparation: For the skin preparation, we've taken into account that you will probably be getting ready in a tent and might have to put up with all kinds of weather conditions, because let's face it: if you're at a

My Massive Festival Wardrobe

Festival summer is officially upon us, and whilst I still haven’t gotten over the fact that I couldn't go to Glastonbury, there are some incredible festivals taking place over the summer. This weekend is Wireless festival in Finsbury Park, and

How to wear your makeup to a wedding

How on earth do you wear your makeup to a wedding? I mean, if like me you're single, weddings are the ideal time to meet fellow singletons in the perfect environment. Nothing makes you feel depressed about being single like

5 Ways to Wear: Conservative dressing for Big Boobs

Big boobs. They should be great, and girls who don't have them wish they did, but you and me both know they are a fu*king nightmare. You have to get used to men staring at your chest instead of your